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Fast parcel delivery from Turkey, China and the USA to Georgia

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How to order a parcel?

Follow three easy steps to receive your parce

Get a shipping address

Register on our website to get a address in Turkey, China and in the USA. It only takes 1 minute

Send the parcel to the address

Send the package to the address of the warehouse (in Turkey, China and the USA) where from you want us to deliver your package

Receive a parcel in Georgia

Delivery will take 2 - 3 days from Turkey and 5 - 10 days from China and USA. In your personal account, you can track the status of delivery and track your parcel

Flight schedule

Shipping cost calculator

Cost of delivery – $3.00 per kilogram. We round the weight calculation to 100 grams, so you don`t overpay. The calculator can calculate the amount exactly by weight

Shipping cost
Delivery period
6.0 ₾
8.0 ₾
* the exact weight of the parcel is determined in the warehouse
by goods
by category

AirPods case

in China
2.12₾ ($0.71)
in Georgia

Apple watch bracelet

in China
2₾ ($0.68)
in Georgia

Airpods 3

in USA
533₾ ($179)
in Georgia

Nike Air Force 1

in USA
271₾ (1379 Lira)
in Georgia
from Turkey
from USA
Electronic accessories
* - The above mentioned prices are approximate and only reflect the estimated cost of transportation. The exact price is calculated by the weight of a particular product.

From which countries I can order or send parcels to Georgia?

Parcels can be ordered in the online stores of Turkey, China and the USA. Parcels can also be ordered/sent from all countries and online stores that will deliver your good/parcel to Turkey, China or the USA.

Who can use Oki Post service?

The Oki Post service can be used by all individuals and/or legal entities temporarily or permanently residing in Georgia.

What do mailing addresses in Turkey, China and the USA assigned by Oki Post to my profile mean and how do I use them?

After registering at www.okipost.com, you will receive Oki Post mailing addresses in Turkey, China and the USA. These addresses are required in order for your parcel to reach our warehouse in either Turkey, China or the USA, from where we will send it to Georgia.

Addresses can be used for two purposes:

- buy the desired product in the online store;
- send a personal parcel.

What does it mean to fill in (declare) information about the parcel, why and how should the parcel be declared?

Declaring a parcel means filling in information about the parcel (which includes the name of the sender, tracking number, cost and description of the goods, as well as the website where the goods were purchased) in order to avoid possible delays in delivery and deliver the parcel to Georgia on time. Declaration of all parcels is mandatory.
You can only declare a parcel after your parcel has been delivered and accepted at the Oki Post warehouse in Turkey, China or America. To declare, you need to visit the Oki Post profile in the "In the warehouse" section of the "User Panel" and follow the instructions.

Please note that if you incorrectly indicate the value of the goods when declaring, your parcel will be subject to a customs fine. In the first case, the fine for individuals is 40% of the tax value, and in the second case it is set at 100%. The penalty for legal entities is 100% of the tax value. The user is fully responsible for the process of parcel declaration.

How long will it take to deliver my parcel to Georgia?

We are sending parcels from Turkey on weekly basis and the parcel delivery time is on average 2 working days from the moment of dispatch. Specifically, parcels are sent every Wednesday and arrive to Georgia on Saturdays. Upon completion of customs procedures, parcels are delivered to the head office from where customers can pick them up no later than Saturday or Monday;

The delivery time for parcels from China and the USA to Georgia is on average 5 to 10 days from the date of dispatch;

After purchasing goods in an online store, the delivery time to Georgia depends on the shipping policy of a particular online store.

How is the shipping cost calculated?

The shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of the parcel, with a maximum between the actual and volumetric weight;

Volumetric weight is calculated using the following formula: length * width * height / 6000 (when measured in centimeters). Weight is rounded to the nearest 100 grams;

If the weight of the parcel does not exceed 10 kg, the shipping cost is calculated based on the actual weight.

How to pay for shipping?

Shipping costs can be paid in 3 ways:

1) From the company's website (top up your balance in the user panel and pay from the balance);
2) Via internet banking (in payments, search for Oki Post in the relevant category, enter tour unique Oki number and pay the corresponding fee);
3) From fast payment machines (in the parcel category, select Oki Post, enter the room number and transfer the appropriate amount).

What is the customs duty?

Customs duty is a necessary tax imposed by the state.

Parcels worth 300 GEL and more, weighing more than 30 kg, or homogeneous goods (in practice, homogeneous goods mean 3 or more identical things) on one flight are subject to customs clearance.

The tax is set at 18% of the value of the goods. Customs value is all costs added to the value of the goods to the border of Georgia. You can pay the fee within 30 calendar days after filing the declaration through Internet banking, at any bank branch or on the Revenue Service website.

What is remote customs clearance and how can I use Oki Post's remote customs clearance service?

Remote customs clearance is a simplified customs procedure in which our company will help you prepare a customs declaration. In the event that your parcels need to be cleared through customs, our representative will contact you and provide detailed information. You will save time and be able to pick up your parcel from our office or use our fast courier service upon arrival of the parcel to Oki Post.

To use the remote customs service, Georgian citizens must present an identity card (our representative will explain in detail the procedure), and citizens of other countries (non-residents) living in Georgia must provide a temporary registration number (a single 9-digit code for the declaration). A temporary registration number is issued to a non-resident on the basis of a foreign passport upon request free of charge. To do this, you need to contact the Revenue Service.

The cost of remote customs service is 5 GEL.

How can I pick up the parcel?

You can receive a parcel by ordering a courier service or from a parcel pickup terminal (terminals are located both inside and outside the Oki Post office).

To use the parcel pickup terminal, you must visit the Oki Post branch and enter the special 9-digit code or scan the QR code. You will receive the QR and 9-digit code with a blue link via SMS notification. The same QR code and 9-digit code are both displayed in the "User Panel" -> "In the office" in parcels, which can be accessed by clicking on a small QR code to the left of the tracking code.

Can someone else pick up my parcel from the office?

Yes, the parcel can be picked up by a third party only if the recipient of the parcel has the permission and the corresponding QR or 9-digit code;

Sharing code to a third party is the responsibility of its owner. If the code is shared to a third party, the company is not responsible for possible damage;

How can I use the courier service?

Courier services are provided throughout Georgia. You can select a courier service by filling up the parcel information, selecting "Courier Service" in the "Add" section, and entering the appropriate address. You can also choose a courier service after the parcel arrives at the central office in Georgia. See detailed information on our website;

In the event that the client is not located at the address indicated by him and / or does not answer phone calls, the parcel that arrived in Georgia will be returned to the Oki Post office, and the client is obliged to pick up the parcel from the company's office. In this case, the amount paid for courier services won’t be reimbursed.