List of Prohibited Items

  • Drugs and psychotropic substances

  • Explosives or firearms or their components

  • Flammable or other dangerous items (For instance, lighters, toxic and infectious substances, explosives for the New Year, items consisted of corrosives, radioactive and other unknown substance)

  • Pornographic products

  • Perfume, manicure, acetone, or other cleaning liquid

  • Household goods, such as cleaners and liquids, aerosol cans, products containing flammable liquids, adhesive and corrosive material, and so on

  • Important and valuable items: coins, banknotes, money signs, and other valuable items. Remittances, Credit cards, road’s or traveler's checks, platinum, gold or silver jewelry or unworked gemstones, jewelry or other precious items

  • Animals, dummies, animals' bones, organs, and similar parts

  • Plants or their seeds

  • Fish, birds, rodents, reptiles, etc

  • Products containing asbestos

  • Food products and liquid substances

  • Such dangerous goods can cause harm or/and contaminate other shipments

It is prohibited via international mail to send such items that oppose the Universal Postal Union. Also, such items that importation or consumption is prohibited in the country of destination.